Troy is a settlement which is 6 km inside from the

point where Çanakkale Bosphorus

opened to Eagen Sea.Troy kingdom reigned during the

3000 and 2000 BC.

There was a war between Aka and Trojans.

for years. The Akas consulted to a cheat as

they lost the war. A big wooden horse was built.

Strong heros hide in this horse.

The wooden horse was left in front of the

Troy wity walls.and the Akas went back.

Trojans took the horse inside the city walls.

And enjoyed themselves got drunk.

at that time the soldiers inside wooden horse went out

and capture the city.

This event iscalled trojan myth in history



It stands at the edge of Çanakkale bosphorus on

Gelibolu. peninsula which is in the city border.

It was built for the sake of 253thousand Turkish

soldiers who died during the 1st world war.

Çanakkale war monument is a propt of the


of Turks. The monument which stands on four

columns shows that our nation relies on strong

faundation and it is stable.


The castle of Kilitbahir was built to prevent the Papacy Navy from helping the Byzantine Empire during İstanbul siege in 1462 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in Kilitbahir village across Çanakkale.
Our school was opened with the name of Ezine Celalettin Topçu Anatolian High School in may 2005 as part of the conversion of Froign Language based High Schools to Anatolian High school.
They continued their education activities in C and D blocks of Gazi Primary School in the education year 2006-2007. They have been keeping their education in the new building called Celalettin Topçu Anatolian High School built by the contribution of charitable İsmail VERAL since 2013-2014 Education year. There 2 managers 19 teachers and 320 student in our school.



Here in French Polynesia we are working on history and geography. Can you answer please to our questions ? Thank you very much <3 <3

When did the Ottoman empire has been created ?

The foundation of the Ottoman Empire was rooted by Osman Bey on 27th July 1299.During the 623 yeared old Ottoman Empire 36 padishashes ascended the throne.Kanuni Sultan Süleyman,known as Suleiman The Magnificient was the padishash who stayed at the throne for the longest time among the others.
One of the most important events is The Conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet,Fatih the Conquerer in 1453.
The Ottoman Empire had lands in three continents as East of Europe,Southwest Asia and North Africa.There are still a lot of construction remaining from the Ottoman Empire.

The Otoman Empire came to an end officially,after the First World War,On 1st November 1922.

Ottomon Empire's Map (Red Places)


Turkey or as its formal name; Turkish Republic has lands both in Asia and Europa. Turkey s official language is Turkish which is spoken by %85 of Turkish people. The capital city of Turkey is Ankara. The biggest administrative units are cities are divided in districts totally there are 923 (nine hundred twenty three) towns. Turkey is an Eurasian country which has territor in two continents ninety seven percent of its lands exits in Asia and this part is called Anatolia Turkey covers 783.562 kilometer. Turkey is splitted in seven region. these regions are; Mediterranean region,Aegean Region,Eastern Anatolia Region, Southeastern Anatolia Region, Central Anatolia Region, Blacksea Region, Marmara Region.

Theree different types of climate are seen in Turkey. Generally in Mediterranean climate which is seen in Aegen and Mediterranean Region summers are hot and dry winters are warm and rainy. Its flora is lemur. ın blacksea climate which is a warm oceanic climate type. İts rains in every season. Its natural flora is forest. In Central Anatolian Region, Southeastern and Eastern Regions we come across terres tial climate.

In 2012 population reached 75.627.384. Turkey is a secular country which has not got a formal religion. Religion and conscience freedom is secured with constitution of the country.


There are 116.078 people live in Çanakkale city center according to the data recieved in 2013.

Çanakkale is a city having earth both in Asia and Europa. The biggest Island called Gökçeada, Bazcaada and Tavşan ıslands also exitsin Çanakkale boarders.

Troya ruins from anthic ages have been in Çanakkale city boardes. The region which started to be Turkish with Karesioğulları joined to ottoman Empire later. Ottomansarrived in Thrace from Çanakkale.

Çanakkale has more than one climate type because of its geographical location andso hasa various rich flora. Most of the rivers arise Menderes river, Sarıçay, Kocabaş river, Bayramiş valley, Bergaz river and kavak river. there arent important lakes in the city the existent lakes are salt lakes which get dry in summer in Gökçeada and Gallipoli Peninsula.

What is the signification of the Turkey's flag ?
- İt is symbolizes the blood of our soldiers who lost their lives during the independence battle.

What are the languages spoken in Turkey ?
-Only Turkish

What is the historical signification of the 29th October ?
29 ekim.jpg
29 ekim2.jpg
29 ekim 4.jpg
29 ekim3.jpg

-It is foundation of Turkish Repuclic and we celebrate it as The Republic Day

When did the first president has been elected, and what has his name ? why is he so important for you ?
Who is the actual president of your country ?
- The first president has been elected in 1923. He was the founder of Turkish repuplic and he was the great leader of Turkish people.
His name is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The current president of our country Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Your country is considered as a country of " high civilisation", Can you explain us why ?
- Because various states,communities lived and many countries were founded in Anatolia.

Why do you want to join the European Union ?
-Because our country deserves to be in Europan Union in terms of both economy, culture
besides this Turkey is very important strategic point between Europan Asia and has a fundental role in middle East.

What are the different landscapes in your country and your city ?
-There are numerous landspaces in our country for exaple; Topkapı place, Ayasofya Museum, Mount Nemrut
etc.. İn our city most important ones are; Çanakkale monument Troia antique city.

Can you send us some photos of monuments in your country and in your city ?
Ayasofya/ İSTANBUL
Hagia Sophia was built by Byzantium Emperor Justinyen
I between 532-537 AC on the historical peninsula of İstanbul
as a basillica planned cathedral . Itwasturnedinto a mosqueby,
Fatih Sultan Mehmet after İstanbul was conquered by
Ottoman Empire in 1453. It has been a museum since 1935
sultan ahmet cami.jpg

Sultan Ahmet Cami/İSTANBUL
niğde tarihi anıt.jpg

Niğde monument/NİĞDE
nemrut dagı.jpg
Nemrut sculptures/ Mardin
Pamukkale /Denizli
peri bacası.jpg
Peri Bacaları/Nevşehir
Fairy Chimney is the formation emerged as a result of the erosion of the constitution consisting of tuffs by floods in the valley slopes and wind. Fairy Chimneys have conical bodies and have a rock block at every top. Their diameters change between 1m and 15m. The ones which are smaller than 1m and bigger than 15m are not considered as a ‘fairy chimney.’
anakkale anıt.jpg
Çanakkale Monument/ Çanakkale

How many people live in your country and in your city ?
77 million people live in our country. 511.760 people live in our city



Here in the Basque Country we are working on the different school systems. Can you please answer these questions? Thanksss ♥

  • How old are you when you start class?
  • - I am 6 when I start class
  • What age is education compulsory until?
  • - It is until 17-18.
  • What's your school timetable? Start? Morning and afternoon? Breaks?
  • - It starts at 8:30 finishes at 16:10 we have break from 11:40 to 13:00.
  • What subjects do you study?
  • - We study Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,History,Geogrophy,Literature,Languages(Turkish,English,German),Religion and believes,Music,P.E,Health Knowledge,Art.
  • How long are the lessons?
  • - 40 minute.
  • How many students are there per class on average? And how many students and teachers are there at your school?
  • - There are 30 students on average.
  • Have you got any transport to go to school?

okul otobüsü 1.jpg
school bus.
  • Have you got digital boards in the classrooms?
  • - Yes, but not active yet.
  • Have you got a cafe or a school canteen? Can you add more information about it?
  • - a school cantin.
  • Is your school private?
  • - we did a poster about the project It looks great, but it is your school private?
afiş hazır.jpg
  • Do you wear uniforms?
  • - Yes
  • Have you got any special events at school?
  • - No
  • Have you got a school trip? Where do you usually go?
  • - Yes we have cultural trips. Where do you go? Give examples of places, please.
  • How many holidays have you got? When?
  • - Semester holiday: 2 weeks, Summer holiday: 3 months. Sacrifire Festival: 4 days, Ramadan Festival: 3 days. Christmas Holiday: 1 day. Can you tell us the date of your holidays? What is Sacrifire Festival?
  • Could you please send us photo of your school?

  • - We will soon.
  • How many teachers and students are there at your school?
  • -There are 16 teachers in our school and thera are 319 students in our school.



What are your Tourist attractions?

  • -Historical places,
Ayasofya Museum/İstanbul

Hagia Sophia was built by Byzantium Emperor Justinyen I between 532-537 AC on the historical peninsula of İstanbul as a basillica planned cathedral . It was turned into a mosque by Fatih Sultan Mehmet after İstanbul was conquered by Ottoman Empire in 1453. It has been a museum since 1935

Çanakkale Monument/Çanakkale
Sultan Ahmet Mosque/İstanbul
Virgin Mary House/Selçuk/izmir

  • seasides,

  • manavgat.jpgManavgat/Antalya
Kaş/ Antalya
lü deniz.png

  • cultural places
Kız Kalesi (Girl Castle) / Mersin

Cappadocia is the area which was emerged as a result of the erosion

by rain and wind for million years of the soft layer created by lava and

ashes repelled from Mount Erciyes, Hasandağ and Güllüdağ sixty million years ago.

Cennet Cehennem (Paradise and Hell) / Mersin
damlataş mağars.jpg
Damlataş Mağarası (Drop Shaped Stone Cave) / Antalya
DamlataşMağarası (Stalactite Cave) is a cave in Alanya.The cave was discovered as a result of the ignition of dynamite in its present location which was identified as a stone mine to be used in the port construction in 1948. This cave which seems to be dressed up with thousands of incredible stalactites and stalagmites was safeguarded instantly and researches were started. There are columns formed for 15 thousand years

  • what do you like about your country?
  • -Its people ,beaches,culture,gastronomy
  • what do you disslike about your country?
  • -Ilike everyting in my country.
  • what is your biggest city?
  • -Konya is the largest but İstanbul has got the most of the population.
  • what is your capital? Ankara is our capital
  • 20695191.jpg

  • -ankara.jpg
  • 3111561-ankara-kalesinden-manzara.jpg
  • where live the most people in your country?
  • -İn İstanbul
  • Ayasofya_Ku_Bak_G_r_n_m.jpg1391799237_ist-1.jpgistanbul-bogazi-gece-gunduz11.jpg
  • what transportation you use to school?
  • -schoolbus
  • who is the charge in your country?
  • -We have democracy,and Turkish Grand Assembly


Questions about your Celebrations(from the Netherlands)

what kind of party's do you celebrate?

-We celebrate :

yeni_yil 1.jpg
yeni yıl 2.jpg

new year's coming

dg 2.jpg


kurban 1.jpg
kurban 2.jpg
Kurban Bayramı ( Muslim Festival of Sacrifices) is our religious holiday,
seker 1.jpg
Ramazan Bayramı ( Ramadan Festival) is our another religious holiday,

national holidays

23 n3.jpg
23rd April Childrens Day (children from all over the world comes to our country and celebrate this day)
This is the day when our National Assembly was opened on 23rd April 1920.
This a festival given to Turkish and also all other countries' children as a present by the founder of our country, Atatürk. Every year this festival is celebrated with the participation of lots of children from other countries and they're all hosted by Turkish children.
23 n4.JPG
19th May Youth and Sports Festival
This a festival given to the youth as a present by the founder of our country, Atatürk. This day is celebrated by Turkish youth and the community every 19th May. The young Turkish people do some sport and cultural activities. Competitions are organised. Turkish folk dances are performed.
23 n2.jpg
30th August Victory Day
19 m3.jpg
29th October Foundation of Turkish Republic

how many party's do you celebrate in turkey?


how do you celebrate new year?
-At home or outside, singing, eating,dancing.
if you have a wedding how do you celebrate them?
-Dancing eating in a ceromany
how do you celebrate?
-Christmas the same as new year. We celebrate it only one night.
do you celebrate constitutions day.




It is made of cow meat and eaten with salad consisting of tomato

green pepper cooked by embers and lettuce ,onions.

Döner is cooked by direct exopuse to firein horizontal position.

While preparing it meat is cut in thin slices and added one up to another on a long spit. when it is cooked it is cut in tiny slices again and put on a plate with rice or bread under it.

Ayran which is made of yogurt is a national drink which is preffered to drink with döner.



It resembles to döner with its preparetion but now butter, tomato sauce and yogurt accompanies

it.It is prepared by warming the pide by placing on a barbecue grill.

adana kebap.png


It is a spicy dish from southeastern Anatolia Region.Cow or lamb meat is chopped in small peaces and marined with onion juice and spicies :red pepper,black pepper.



It s a delicious Turkish dish.It s a bit spicy and prepared by chop meat ,pepper and tomato mixture is put on a thin dough which is specially prepared for lahmacun. ıt is cooked in special stone stoves.



It is one of the most preferable meal in Tukey. Cow or lamb meat is chopped in small pieces and put on a spit and cooked on barbecue.



ıt is another delicios Turkish dish called PİDE. It can be prepared either with cheese or cow or lamb meat on paste.



These small fishes called Hamsi are put in a heated pan as a circle and fried with olive oil and they are rolled in corn flour beforehand.

kuru fasülye.jpg


This dish is prepared with haricot beans tomato past and onion and green pepper.The ingridents are cooked all together in a deep pot.

güveç tava.jpg


Güveç is prepared in hotpot with cow or lamb meat,onions,green pepper,tomato by boiling all of the ingridents.

tavuk special pilav.jpg


Rice garnished with nuts and meat. It is a delicious dish cooked for festivals.It is served with meat and spices.

sarma 1.jpg


Grape Leaves Stuffed with Rice It is prepared in special days such as festivals and wedding parties.It is very delicious and served with lemon slices and yogurt with garlic.

peynir hel.jpg


It is cooked with flour , sugar , oil ,water and the main ingredient salt-free cheese.

The cheese is melted in small pieces on little heat .

After flour is roasted and sugar water is added melted cheese is added .

It is served in both ways , either baked or unbaked .

It s a popular swet of Çanakkale in Turkey .

  1. ayran.jpg

  2. AYRAN

  3. Cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt and water.In Turkey it is considered as a national drink.



Çay Tea is an important part of Turkish Culture and it is the most commonly consumed hot drink.It is offered in small tulip-shaped glasses.Offering tea to guests is a part of Turkish hospitality.It is mostly drunk in the breakfast.

Yayla çorbası.jpg


Yayla Çorbası Yogurt Soup it is prepared with yogurt and rice and served cold with spices.

türk kahvesi.jpg


Coffee seeds are ground thinly after being baked. It’s cooked in a coffee pot with ground coffee, water and if prefered sugar. It is served in little coffee cups. It can be drunken at any time of the day. It’s surely served to the visitors.

You can watch