The Netherlands




Here in French Polynesia we are working on history and geography. Can you answer please to our questions ? Thank you very much <3 <3


•What are the languages spoken in Netherland ?:


•What is the historical signification of the 30th april?:

At the 30th April,we used to celebrate the birthday of Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina of Orange-Nassau.

•What is the signification of the Netherland’s flag ?:

The colors are Red,White and blue

The beggars were The first to bring the Dutch flag to our country,which was orange,white and blue. No one really knows why they chose these colors. They probaly chose the orange collor because of Willem of orange,but why they also chose for white and blue that's still not clear. the flag colors changed around the year 1800 to Red,White and Blue, red should have been a clearer color.

•Was your country always an independent country ?:

No Netherlands became independent during the eighty years war (1568-1648) We used to be a dependant country until the year 1813 when we won our independency.

•What is the name of your King ?:

Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand.

•Can you tell us something about coffee shops ?:

A coffee shop in the Netherlands is an open sale of cannabis.The sale of coffee is an after thought.

Alcohol should there since 2007 are no longer sold. In addition to the function of a coffee shop is also the function of meeting and recreation space and usage for cannabis.

•When did Netherland became a member of the European Union ?:

We became part of the European Union at the 1st of January in 1952. As a member of The European Union (EU) The Netherlands enacts EU legislation.


•What are the different landscapes in your country and your city ?:

The Dutch landscapes can be classified on the differences in substrate, soil and water management.

•What kind of climate do you have ?: Is it cold in summer ?:

The climate of the Netherlands is a temperate climate in the European part. it's not really cold here in summer but sometimes it rains here but in the summer is it here just about 20-30 degrees

•How many people live in your country ?:

More than 16 million

•Can you explain us what is a polder ?:

A polder is an area that used to be underwater, but because of our water pumping stations it's now dried out. We also use them if it rains a lot, so the water doesn't flood the polders.

•Why do you have so many mills ? How do you use them ?:

We have a lot of mills because we have a lot of wind,we use them for things like: energy, pumping water and grinding things such as wheat.

•Can you send us beautiful photos of tulip-fields ?: fotos_tn_floriade_normal.jpg

•Can you send us photos of Rotterdam harbour ? How many tons of goods transit by Rotterdam ?:

On an annual basis, approximately 325 million tons of goods put on the Dutch quays. One-third of this tonnage is petroleum. Rotterdam is the world's number one port and the largest container port in Europe. Of seaborne goods inland transports largely to Europe.haven.jpg




Here in the Basque Country we are working on the different school systems. Can you please answer these questions? Thanksss ♥

  • Have you got digital boards? can you add a picture or one class?

  • What's your school timetable? Start? Morning and afternoon? Breaks? What time do you finish the class to go home?
  • We start at 8:30 in the morning, the first break starts at 10:10 and ends at 10:30. The second break starts at 12:10 and ends at 12:40. And the third starts at 14:20 and ends at 14:35.

  • What subjects do you study?
  • math, dutch, german, economy, biology, english, gymnastics, drawing lessons, technic, pso for later, arithmatic and chemistry.

  • How long are the lessons?
  • 50 mins

  • How many students and teachers are there per class on average? And how many students and teachers are there at your school?
  • 24 students and 11 classes. 500 students and 40 teachers

  • Have you got any transport to go to school?
  • bus,tram,car,scooter and with the bike

  • Have you got a cafe or a school canteen?
  • yes, we have a canteen which is open during the first and second breaks

  • Is your school private?
  • no its public

  • Do you wear uniforms?
  • no we all wear what we want

  • Have you got any special events at school?
  • we have an extra two hours talent class

  • Have you got a school trip? Where do you usually go? Any picture?

  • Dutch water dreams is a big water park

  • How many holidays have you got? When?

Tot en met
  • || Herfstvakantie || Maandag 20.10.2014 || Vrijdag 24.10.2014 ||
  • || Kerstvakantie || Maandag 22.12.2014 || Vrijdag 02.01.2015 ||
  • || Voorjaarsvakantie || Maandag 23.02.2015 || Vrijdag 27.02.2015 ||
  • || Goede Vrijdag en

  • Pasen || Vrijdag 03.04.2015 || Maandag 06.04.2015 ||
  • || Koningsdag en

  • Meivakantie || Maandag 27.04.2015 || Vrijdag 08.05.2015 ||
  • || Hemelvaart || Donderdag 14.05.2015 || Vrijdag 15.05.2015 ||
  • || Pinksteren || Maandag 25.05.2015 || ||
  • || Zomervakantie || Maandag 13.07.2015 || Vrijdag 21.08.2015 ||

  • How old are you when you start school?
  • at least 4

  • What age is education compulsory until?
  • 18 years old

  • Could you please send us a photo of your school?DLF.jpg



- What are your Tourist attraction?

- We have a lot. The ‘ Floriade” where all tourists come to see the nice flowers and tulip fields.

- The ‘ Euromast” in Rotterdam

- The Cheese Market in Alkmaar.

- The ‘Delta werken” where you can see all we do to keep the water away.

- And of course our nice Sandy beaches.
the most visited attractions are:

- De Efteling 4.000.000

- Rondvaarten Amsterdam 2.811.000

- Attractiepark Slagharen Diergaarde Blijdorp 1.572.000

- Burgers’ Zoo 1.525.000

- Van Gogh Museum 1.451.000

- Duinrell (incl. Tikibad) 1.349.000

- Natura Artis Magistra 1.208.000

- Dierenpark Emmen 1.133.000

- Anne Frank Huis 986.000

- What do you like most in your country?

- Our city of Delft of course with all canals.

- What do you unlike most in your country?

The traffic-jams at all roads around big cities and of course all the parked bikes.
- What are your biggest city ?

Amsterdam with 790110 people living there.

- What is your capital?

Amsterdam is the Capital city of the Netherlands.

- Where does the most people live in the country?

They live in de big cities. Amsterdam Rotterdam den Haag Breda Groningen Utrecht. etc....
- What transportation do you use to go around in your country and in the cities?

Parents use the car but we travell a lot with trains and busses through the country.
In the city we use to travell with busses or tram and also the subway.
And in the smasll towns or big cities with a lot of students we use the bike. ( See picture above)
- Who is in charge in your country?

We have a King but the parlement rules the country.
-Which is your most visited city?

Amsterdam has the most tourists of all the cities.

-Why is Haag a famous city in Europe?

Den Haag is the residence of our parlement and has been the residence of our Queen.
But also all ministeries and Ambassades of all foreign countries are there.
And of course the International courts are there and Strafhof.
So therefor very important for the United Nations.

-Do you have any annual events in your country?

Yes we have several. In Delft we have the lights eve. Then at the big market place is dark and then people arrive with candles and torches
and when all people are there then we light the big Christmas tree. And all canals are lighted with very nice lights.

-How do you handle the rising sea level in your country?

With a good water-management called the Delta- werken we keep the water away.
We lower the metallic parts to keep the water out.
-Is the water a big problem for your country?

Yes it is because half of The Netherlands is below level. In Delft we are about 6 meters below sea- level.
So if we dont stop the water Half of the Netherlands will be under water.





Favourite healthy food consumed in your country?
Stew made of carrots, onions and potatoes, combined with slow-cooked beef and gravy. But we also eat lots of freshly made soups such as vegetable and tomato soup.
And because we have a long history of owning colonies in different parts of the world and the fact that over the past hundred years lots of people have immigrated to Holland, there are influences in our cooking from all over the world.

Food prepared especially for festivals?
At New Year’s Eve we make our own deep fried solid doughnuts. In some cities they eat raw herring to celebrate their liberation.

My most favourite meat dish.
We love the slow cooked beef from the first question, but we also like pork ribs on the barbecue and chicken filled with lemon and garlic from the oven.

Our most favourite vegetable dish.
We love mashed potatoes with sauerkraut cooked in the oven, but also all green vegetables as long as their not overcooked.

Healthy foods.
People should eat enough greens and fruit every day, but as long as you don’t eat too much of for instance meat, pasta, butter or sugar, there is not much harm in eating them either. Fish, especially fatty fish (salmon, etc.), should also be eaten regularly.

What do you understand from the healthy nutrition?
I understand the importance of eating healthily and regularly. Especially when you are at an age when you are still growing, it is very important to watch your diet. Don’t overeat, but also don’t try to keep slim at all cost. Later in life you have to watch your diet in combination with exercising your body.

Effects of fast food to the balanced and adequate nutrition.
It is a known fact that fast food contains too much fat and sugar. If eaten next to your balanced diet it will cause obesitas in the long run. If, however, you every now and then go to McDonalds or other fast food restaurants, don’t feel guilty. Just watch your other food-intake and don’t go too often.