School Survey - Addictions

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Drugpreventing exercises

You can find examples on exercises and subjects to discuss beneath.

The Hot Chair
The participants sits on chairs that form a circle. The ”leader” reads one of the statements. Of you agree to one statement, you are supposed to change place with someone else that have the same opinion. If you choose to sit back down, you either disagree with the statement or need some more time to think. If you only need more time to think, you should cross your arms to show that. Their should be an extra share so someone can move even if they are alone with their opinion.
After a statement, you give some people in the group an opportunity to motivate why they have their opinion. As the leader, you should make sure that every student have the chance to say something, and you should also interfere if two people get caught in an discussion.
It is important to point out that no answer is more right than another; You are allowed to have whatever opinion you have, but you shall also listen to other peoples point of views and arguments. As the leader, you should stay neutral throughout the exercise.
* It is good to have an age limit (18 years old) when it comes to tobacco.
* It is okay to smoke as long as it only occurs during parties.
* It is manly to use tobacco.
* If my friend started to use tobacco, I would tell him/her to stop.
* It is important to have good self esteem.
* The side effects of tobacco are exaggerated.
* It is good to taste some alcohol at home.
* It is easier to take contact with the opposite sex if you are intoxicated.
* It is worse when a girl is drunk than if a boy is.
* It is exiting to drink alcohol.
* There is peer pressure during parties about drinking alcohol.
* Weed is more dangerous than alcohol.
* It is easy to get hold on drugs.
* It is extremely important for us who practice any kind of sport to not use any kind of tobacco.
* You can be a good role model for children and young adults even if you use tobacco.
* If you drunk and become a victim of crime, you only have yourself to blame.
* It is never defendable to drink and drive.
* It is good that you can buy alcohol in regular grocery stores.
* It is easy to buy alcohol even if you are under 18 years old.
Four Corners
The leader gives you a statement, and then the participants choses a corner to go to. Every corner stands for one statement each.
You are at a party where alcohol occur. A friend of yours gets so drunk that he/she can’t control himself/herself. What would you do?
* Call your friends parents so they can come and get him/her.
* Try to help him/her yourself.
* Nothing.
* Open Corner.
You are at a party where everyone drinks. What do you do?
* Party just as everyone else.
* You don’t drink any alcohol and tell people that you don’t want to drink.
* You take a glass but pour it out before anyone sees.
* Open corner.
What do you think is the most common reason to why young adults do not smoke?
* They know the side effects of smoking.
* There is an age limit when it comes to buying cigarettes.
* They don’t have any friends that smoke.
* Open corner.
How should the parents react if their child comes home drunk?
* Become angry and give them a curfew.
* They should not say anything at all.
* Talk about what have happened the day after.
* Open corner.
One of your friends has started started to drink a lot of alcohol and gets himself/herself into a lot of trouble. You can’t take it anymore. What do you do?
* Try to talk to your friend.
* Tell your teacher what is happening and ask if they can talk to your friend.
* You do nothing.
* Open corner.
Your friend drink a lot during the weekends. You don’t like it. What do you do?
* Have a serious talk with your friend.
* Talk to some other friends so you then together can do something.
* Talk to your friends parents.
* Open corner.
Two people in your class has started to smoke weed. They are not close friends to you, but you know them well. What do you do?
* Talk to a teacher you know well to ask for help.
* Talk to your classmates and ask them to stop doing it.
* Nothing, it is their choice.
* Open corner.
What do you think is the most common reason for people to start smoking?
* It feels cool to smoke.
* Peer pressure.
* You feel more like an adult.
* Open corner.