Here you can see some of the presentations that the different group of students from each country have prepared for the mobilities to the different schools.


Our games:

Memory: There were 4 different decks, all with different themes. For example breakfast, music and school. Each card in every deck has a match. One card has a word in english, and the matching card has the word in swedish along with a picture that describes the word. Get a couple of friends and sit down in a ring, either around a table or on the floor. Mix all of the cards in the deck, then put them on the table with the words facing the table, so you only can see the back of the cards. The oldest person in the ring starts. The one who starts picks up two cards, any cards at all. If they match the person can keep the cards, but they also have to pronounce both the english and the swedish word. After that it becomes the next persons turn. If the cards do not match, the person has to put the cards back in their original position with the words facing the table. After all the cards are away from the table, the person with the most cards wins.

türk bayrağı.png
You can click on the powerpoint presentation to watch our TURKEY-ÇANAKKALE AND CELALETTİN TOPÇU A.H.SCHOOL PRESENTATION

You can watch our Turkey presentation with this link. TURKEY PRESENTATİON

You can watch the presentation of our city,Çanakkale with this link. ÇANAKKALE CITY PRESENTATİON

You can watch the presentation of our school, Ezine Celalettin Topçu Anadolu Lisesi with this link. EZİNE CELALETTİN TOPÇU ANADOLU LİSESİ

You can watch our students' healthy breakfast activity and other activities with this link. ERASMUS+ EZİNE CELALETTİN TOPÇU ANADOLU LİSESİ

The Netherlands:

NOTE from the Basque Students: Dear Dutch friends it has been very funny for us to see the festivities that you have added in our section. Some of them are celebrated very far away from us !!! LA TOMATINA is celebrated in Buñol (Valencia) 800Km away from us.


Basque Country

Presentations for the visits to Delft and Tahiti


Our presentation for Delft: Our work in the project was to investigate about the different schools' features

And this is our presentation about the topic "HEALTHY BREAKFAST"

And the activity called "Healthy breakfast" that we celebrate every school year.

Basque presentation for the visit to SWEDEN. May 2015

Drapeau polynésie.jpg FRENCH POLYNESIA

Our presentations in November 2014 to our partners during the first mobility to Tahiti

Our presentation in Sweden during our mobility in May 2015

Our work in the project about history and geography of the partners' different countries

Our presentation of Turkey during the mobility to Tahiti. The Turkish partners were not here so our students did their presentation

Our presentation of French Polynesia at the Territorial Assembly during the mobility of our partners in Tahiti in November 2015