Erasmus Song.

ERASMUS + MEETING IN SPAIN (BASQUE COUNTRY) 15/22 May 2017 All the times are approximate, there might be some changes on the spot.
Monday 15th
Tuesday 16th
Wednesday 17th
Thursday 18th
Friday 19th
Saturday 20th
Sunday 21st
Monday 22nd




8:30 Welcoming at school

8:50-10:50 Presentation of the
Different countries

10:50-11:15 Short
Around the school

11:15 Break

11:45-13:35 Workshop on eating disorders led by Tahiti

13:35-15:05 Lunch break

15:05-16:00 Singing and recording of the Erasmus song

16:00-16:45 Talk about the Basque Solidarity Campaign (Bubisher)

16:45 Students go home with the families
8:30 Meeting at school to go to Bilbao

9:30-11:00 Guided tour of the city

12:00-13:30 Visit to the Guggenheim Museum

13:30 Lunch break

16:30-18:30 Boat ride along the Nervion river stopping at the Suspension Bridge (Bizkaia Zubia)

18:30 (aprox.)Back to Laudio and students go home with the families
8:30School garden presentations
(The Netherlands, Tahiti and the Basque Country)

9:30 Visit to the local market

11:45 Visit to different supermarkets to look into the Origin of Food

14:30 Lunch break

16:00 Trip to the town of Urduña to visit our associated partner (“Ekoizpen”).

18:00 Students go home with the families
8:30 Meeting at school to go trekking in the mountains surrounding the valley around Laudio.

11:00 Games and fun in Saint Lucy Mountain.

12:15Trekking back to Laudio

14:30 Lunch break

17:15 Bus to Zuatza Island

18:00 Arrival on the island
In Zuatza:
water sports, workshops, about sports and healthy life and games.

Students’ meetings, etc ...
In Zuatza:
water sports and evaluation workshop and meetings

17:00 Bus back to Laudio

18:00 Students go home with the families

1.- Day: Tuesday 16th:


Some Evaluation of the students

I found it a very nice week, the host family was very nice and taken care of me. I was very I liked it a lot when we were on the island and went surfing and canoeing. I also found the Erasmus song to be fun and funny. What I liked was climbing the mountain, but it was very heavy and I was very tired at that time. I found the spin for the Guggenheim museum to be beautiful and big. It's a pity she would replace the flowers of the flower dog, because I would like to see that in real life. I liked the week very much, and I found the host family very nice and I'm very happy to be with them. Thank you for everything that The Basque Country and the school have arranged for us.
Faith Nolet, The Netherlands

Ester van Gilst the Netherlands

What time is it? I looked on my phone, it is 00:23. Oh no i have to sleep! But I can´t , because i'm going to Spain!!! Im to excited. At six o'clock we went to the station. We didn´t had to wait long. The train was very fast.
And before i knew we were already at Schiphol. I saw the plain it was so big! It was the first time in my live that i would go on a plain! at first it was a little bit scarry but not for long! It was amazing!
It was also my first time in Spain! From the plain could i see the moutans! We in the Netherlands don´t have moutans. The parents of Amaia brought me to school. And there i met Onintze. The school was very big and everybody looked at me. Everybody wanted to talk to me. But i was very shy. Later that day we went to Onintze´s home. Onintze´s parents and brother are very nice! There home is very colerful and cosy. Our days were full.We were busy from early in the morning to late in the evening. We visited muzeums, Climbed mountains and Explored the city. And from Friday to Saturday we went to a camp on an island. It was so much fun with te other kids.Spanish people eat different than home They ate a lot. Haha. But i liked the food!
It was a very special experience. I miss Spain already. Thanks for this opportunity and this amazing week.

I found the program very busy. It was really nice week, all the people went with another to. I’ve learned that week. The school is very different to us school. Sometimes they went to school in the evening for one hour. The meetings we had were nice. But the people from turkey speaking not English and there was one boy he did everything to translate. It was also nice that I in the morning with a Dutch people then you could also just do your say in Dutch. I’ve seen a lot. I was never before in Spain, it was the first time. Bilbao was really beautiful especially in the afternoon. My host family was nice they was very caring to Maialen and me. There are was really nice we also did just things with the family. The only thing was that they do everything on the last minute. It was always running. And I hate that and it was funny!

It was experience . Thank you so much!

Byebye Shari van der Reep.

It was a really nice week, we did a lot and it was a busy program. The Spanish school was very different from ours, in Spain they also visit school in the evening. We had a lot of meetings, the meetings are nice and we learned much about another countries. All the people from the different countries worked with each other. I was never before in the Spanish basque country, it’s a beautiful place and it’s different from the Netherlands. My host family was nice to me, Irene her parents can’t speak English very well, still we did manage to talk a little bit. We did nice things with the family and they are eating a lot. The things that we did with the project was also nice, there was nothing that I don’t like and we made a lot of fun with all the participants.

It was a nice experience thank you very much

Bye, Lisanne van der Lans

I really liked the Spanish alI the people and all the people from the other country's the we're all very happy and nice I really made some nice friends from Spain to sweden haha , I also liked the activities that we did everything that we did I really liked , the only thing I didn't really like was the time like guys 1 weak it's to short but other then that I really liked it , I really do..

The week of Bilbao
Bilbbao is a nice place and Laudio to

What i like
I like the town in Bilbao and the school

What did i do
I go to the mountains and gomto the school and a swimming pool and go to the gughenheim museum and we go to the island and there we did waterport

How are the hostfamily
The are sweet and they are helped

This is my evaluation
Send from: nick van woggelum

Beschrijving: Afbeeldingsresultaat voor film radeloos
Beschrijving: Afbeeldingsresultaat voor film radeloos