CPR lesson. Teacher Ann tells here about the lesson:

Monday the 30th of January

Monday 30/1

Monday was the first day that everyone that had come to Sweden met all together for the first time. At first the swedish teachers and the principal of the school welcomed the students and the teachers from the other countries and then Jonas from Uddevalla municipality told them about Uddevalla. After that the countries told us a little bit of their countries, when all had finished their presentations we went to the kitchen to eat.

When the break was over we worked in groups and talked and discussed the health program that we had been working with a couple of weeks earlier. We discussed how we could start living in a more healthy way and what we needed to do to get there. Some of us needed to sleep more while others needed to start eat breakfast. When we were done with that we went on a walk in small groups to show the students the neighbourhood around the school.

When we came back to the classroom was it time for to go through how to cook the food that we were going to eat later that evening. We cooked coconut bread, Jansons frästelse, swedish meatballs, dumplings, hutspot and spanish omelette. Everyone was divided into teams. The teams got one dish each to cook. When the food was done all helped each other to set the tables with plates. We put the food on a big table so everyone could go and take some food whenever you wanted. And everyone sat around the table and talked and laughed and had a really good time.

Wilma Rosenius

Evaluation of the CPR-lesson:
Later that day we had CPR and this was why I said in the beginning that Wednesday maybe was the most important day of all the school days. Because the most people in the Erasmus project had never in their whole life learned about CPR or tried CPR on a fake person. So I think it was very fascinating to see all nationalities in this project trying to save the life of the CPR doll and to see how much everyone really wanted to learn more about CPR and how seriously they took it. I mean if we didn’t learn about CPR that day it maybe could have been life change. Because I didn't know how to do CPR on an injured person before I learn more about that on the lesson. Magine if I saw a car accident the day after and if we didn’t had that lesson, I wouldn’t know how to save that person in the car or not even know if the person was alive or not. But because we had that lesson about CPR and that I tried CPR on the CPR doll I should have known when the accident happened how to do CPR on the injured person and for that I should have been very thankful. So I think that it was a good and life changing thing to learn about and it was really fun too. So I really liked it and I think everyone else did too.
Lizette Bladh

Sport activities during the week in Sweden

During the week in Sweden we did many funny things. But two of the activities we did was activities that many of us never had done before.

On the thursday we all met 08:45 at the school, to go in the bus and drive to a snow slope. After 1 hour and 45 minutes driving we came to Åmål. In the beginning the ones who wanted to of us start with the small hill, but after lunch and warm chocolate, we went out to the hill again. But this time almost all took the big hill.

After many hours of skiing we went home again, and arrived to the school at half past 4.

The day after, on friday, we should go to a big ice rink in Vänersborg. At 08:15 we all met at school because we was going to borrow skates. When the bus came we took the half hour trip to the rink. When we arrived the clock was 09:30 and we played and skated all the time until the clock was 12.

After the trip home to school we just eat the school food and then the school end. On the night this day almost all of us, met everyone for the last time in the bowling alley. This night was funny, but we were not good at the bowling.

Linnea Persson

How was it to be host family?
It was very fun being a host family. You get to know a person that lives so different from what you do. You get very close and become good friends. It’s also fun because she told me about her culture, school and just her lifestyle.

It felt good to be responsible for her. You have to make sure that she likes it and that she feel comfortable. And also ask her what she want to do, so she gets a good experience.

It was a good experience for both her and me, I learned to take responsible for a person that never had been outside her country before. And I wanted her to remember the trip.

/Sanna Lindqvist


Here she saw snow for the first time She wanted to taste Swedish taco so here we eat that.

Monday, January 30: We arrived at the school with a little bit of delays, we saw all the other students who participated in the Erasmus + project. At the very beginning we settled in the classroom and it was really weird of that found in a foreign class, with several other people coming from other countries. The teachers are presented, then the students including us. Then we had a break to allow ourselves time to visit their high schools. The high school is large, they have several buildings but not on floors, they have two gyms, a games room (for people who are on break) art rooms, creative etc. After all, we went back to class with all the other students, and then we made our presentations. Then it was time to eat so we discovered their refectories, they have a buffet but it is imperative not to wast !! Then we started cooking our dishes, we were divided into several groups of 3, the Polynesian dish was the Coco Bread, and of course someone had to grind the coconut and as people did not know how to do it I told them Learned the gestures, but it was not yet to win, except for a professor who came from the Basque countries, because he had learned his the previous year by coming to Tahiti with the Erasmus + project. After finishing cooking we started to taste the dishes, and found all our dishes were excellent.
Tuesday, January 31st: at 8:00 am we found ourselves in high school. I was very happy to find them. Then we watched a film about healthy lifestyles made by students from Sweden. We saw how the school is organized at lunchtime. We discussed eco-friendly and vegetarian food. At 11.30 lunch. After lunch Sebastian told us about the footprints
Wednesday February 1: Gathering at school. We visited the language classes, we Tahitians visited the classes of French, and we introduced our island and our cultures in French. After we finished we learned first aid, fortunately I had already practiced it, I already knew all that needed to be done.

Thursday 2 February: We regrouped in high school to take the bus and to go to SKI, it was the first time I did, everyone had chosen to ski, I however I wanted to snowboard what Is even harder, but I still managed to make it, it was great! And we returned at the end of the day

Friday 3rd February: Grouping to take the bus and go to the ice skating! I did not really participate because I did not feel comfortable in the shoe I tried but failed. We went back for lunch and after it we had a free time ! We go to the Torp Mall, eat and shop. In the evening we went to the bowling alley, we were all together one last time, we laughed like crazy it was too good. But of course all good things have an end ... We had to leave, we made thousands of hugs, I would always remember these beautiful people with humble heart, all my life I would keep this adventure in my memories.

Saturday 4 February: Departure from Sweden airport

I would to say thanks to my host familie ! Martin and others thanks for all !! It was a good experience with you ! thank you again and see you soon !!


Drapeau polynésie.jpg French Polynesia

First the travel!! it was really a long long travel, we took 3 airplanes we spend 21hours in a plane not really boring because we spoke a lot and learn to know better each others, Lucie, Vaiarii and I.
SO!!! when we arrived in Sweden at Landwatter airport before we meet the family, we took our bagages we took some pictures... And finally we met the family!! When I saw my host we just hug each others and it was really great and awesome to meet her because before I talked to her by Instagram and e-mail!! We arrived in Sweden at Goteborg at 10 pm so my family and the others( Vaiarii's family and Lucie's family) took us somewhere to eat so we just went to MacDonlads!!!!!

Monday I went to the school with my host!!! I met all the others Eramus project students: the basques, the turkishs and the others swedish students. When we started the class. Helena, a swedish teacher, learnt us the rules of the school and after we had to present our countries. We present French Polynesia and it was really great to show them our islands. In the afternoon we had to cook original meals from our countries and from us it was the coconut bread.

Tuesday we went to school and we learnt about the origins of food and we had a workshop about our health campaign. We evaluate this activity and it was Lucie, Vaiarii and I who led this activity because all the questions were preapared by our school. Lucie presented as well a slideshow and explained us " how to eat without destroying our planet" .
After the school I, my host and Lucie with her host went to the market to buy something to eat because this night we decided to eat swedish pancakes... Really good... but before we were to the house we went at the beach not really far from the Uddevalla's bridge, we just took some pictures and me and Lucie just wanted to see the ocean . It was really a beautiful view and we saw typical swedish houses.after that we were at my host's house for eating pancakes.
Wednesday was fun because we went to a French class and present our country in French after that we had a CPR class with Ann and Mister B. We learnt how to do the first step for saving a life person. When we finished school we went to the gym.

Thursday !!! was a big day because we went to ski, it was our first experience of that !! not really easy too !!! it was a great experience great taste.

Friday, we went to ice skating place… i thought it will be like the rollers but it’s more difficult than that….. and after we had our free afternoon. Friday’s night we went to the bowling it was really fun and really cool. There was only Erasmus students after that we had to say goodbye and it was the hard part of the project « saying goodbye ».

it was an amazing week!! thanks to Erasmus for this project and thanks again for my host familie who was the best one !!!!!

Heiani Tera

bas.png Basque Country



Naiane Bravo


My experience in Sweden was really good. I felt very comfortable and happy with my host family and I’m very grateful for it. I enjoyed very much my time there.

Before going there I thought Swedish people were reserved, but I was totally wrong, all the people I met were super friendly. I also had really good relationships with students from Tahiti and Turkey. I liked a lot all the activities we did in the school, I learnt some new things about recycling and other countries. We did many funny activities like skiing, ice skating... The last day all the Erasmus+ students went bowling, we had a good time there!!2017-02-20-PHOTO-00000024.jpg

Apart from the Erasmus+ activities I did lots of things with Linnea, my host. We visited the center of Uddevalla, Goteborg, Smögenand other nice places which I liked very much.

When I was in Sweden I realized they have different habits comparing with us. One of them is the time they have lunch and dinner. For Spanish people it is very early but when I was there I got used to it and I finally liked it. Another thing that impressed me was that Swedish people are always hungry! And they eat a lot and very different food. So that’s good because that way we could try many different food. By the way, I love Swedish meatballs. The landscapes and the cities are amazing. I liked very much the construction and decoration of the houses.

I feel like this experience has given me the chance to learn from other people, cultures and make new friends. Now I hope I can meet all of them and going back to Sweden again cause I miss that week very much!! 💖🇸🇪

My experience in Sweden

I had a very good experience in Sweden. My host family was very nice and all the people i met there also. The first day my host, Alexandra took me horse riding while it was snowing, i enjoyed a lot. She also took me to saw the biggest movie screen of sweden that it was in uddevalla and it was bigger than i expected.

I enjoyed alot when we went to did activities all together,like when we went skiing or ice skating or bowling because you could met with everyone.

I learn a lot of things in this week for example how to do a CPR. We tried in a doll. I had never tried before and i think that is something very important that we need to know in our life.
This week in Sweden has been a fantastic experience for me. Maybe we haven’t done a lot of sightseeing, mostly because of the weather and because we haven’t had enough time to do it. But apart of that, I think it has been great to know new things about the cultures of different countries and the different things they do. For example, the timetable is not the same as ours; they get up earlier and have lunch around the middle of the morning… Another thing that surprised me was the food and the way they eat. They usually have sandwiches or butter with cheese instead of milk, fruits, cereals or some biscuits like here. And they have typical food from there, which I didn’t like very much. They also have a different method to learn at the school, for example they do the most of the homework with their own computer, they have less exams, and they have lots of different classes to do many activities like cooking orsewing. The main reason for me to like so much this week is the people I’ve met ; We’ve done new friends from different nationalities and the family has been kind with us. So, I am looking forward to meet them again at the Basque Country and have a great time!

Uxue Ortiz

I had a very good week in Sweden; I met a lot of new people and learnt a lot of new things. In my opinion, Sweden is a wonderful country and I will tell you the things that impacted me the most.
One of the strangest things for me is that they eat very early comparing with us. Their lunch is around 12 o’clock and here we have lunch at 2. At first it was strange for me but at the end it became normal.
Another thing that I liked about the country is the people that live there. All the Swedish people were very friendly and sociable. They were prepared to help you every time so there was no problem with the language or the traditions they have there.
If I have to choose something I didn’t like, that is the climate. Sweden is located at the north of Europe so it is a very cold country. The temperatures were very low, around zero degrees so we had to wear a lot of clothes. I think that if I were there for more time I would get used to it.

This week in Sweden has been amazing. I have learned many things like their culture, something that is more different that what i thought.The timetable is also different from ours too they wake up earlier and lunch earlier.Something that surprised me was that they walk barefoot at home and that most of the houses have like a little house near it to store things or that they keep their Christmas decorations . Going there has been also fun because we have meet lots of people and made lots of friends. It was very sad coming back to Spain because you think that you won´t see each other again.

I also enjoyed the activities we did inside the project. In my opinion the best was ice skating,but skiing was also fun. In class we learned some interesting things like doing the CPR or some information about healthy habits.After school some days we went shopping to the Torp, and the last day we went bowling all together.The only thing I have to complain about is that it was too short.