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Health program
Do your own health program to keep your body in shape.
Write down what you need to do and what you need to avoid to get such good result as possible. In what way can you effect your physique and mental health in a better way?
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Spare time activities
  • Relationships
  • Stress
  • Drugs and addiction

To achieve your goals and be healthy, think about your behavior and complete the table.

Try to get the best results as possible.

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The survey was prepared by the tahitian High School with the help of our associated partner, Dr Bulard. All the partners have to answer to the questions and share their ideas and evaluate it in Sweden during the students' mobilities in January 2017

Your habits
How can you improve ?
What is the solution to your
problem ?
-Number of meals ? What do you eat ? And where ? Do you have a proper breakfast every day? Is your menu varied? Do you eat fast food very often?What kind of drinks do you take during and outside meals?

-At what time do you go to bed ? Do you get up ?
How many hours do you sleep ?
Do you take any electronic devices with you when you go to bed?
Is there a TV or computer in your bedroom?

- Do you feel stressed ?
- What are your symptoms?
In what occasions?

Do you practice sports? Which ones?
How many times per week ? If the answer is 'no', why is it that you don't practice any sports at all?

What kind of hobbies do you have?
How often? With who? If the answer is 'no', why is it that you don't have any spare time activities?

How would you consider the quality of your relationships with your parents, your sisters and brothers, your friends?Do you think you are a tolerant person?Are you able to manage your emotions? Example: Sadness, anger, fear.
Do you have a group of friends or do you have just a best friend? Why?
Do you go out with your friends at week ends or do you stay at home? Why?

What kind of addictions do you know?

Are you facing one or more addictions or around you is someone facing this problem ? If the answer is 'yes', how do you feel about it?

If I do all this , I will have a healthy mind in a healthy body.
It’s my life, it’s my choice.

French Polynesia Lycée Aorai

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Your habits

- We usually have 3 meals a day, but many of us have only 2 meals (no breakfast)

- We eat meat, vegetables and fruits. Many of students eat at the canteen and have a healthy balanced meals. We are very fonfd of chicken and tuna.

-We drink water, juices, and we like milk.

-We usually eat at canteen or at home and sometimes at the food truck in front of the school.

How can you improve ?

- All of us should take a well balanced breakfast like it's written in the part " healthy breakfast " in the wiki.

-We should eat more vegetables and stop to eat at the food truck. Make our own lunchs

- We'll just drink water and stop to drink sodas and stop drinking industrial juices full of sugar.

What is the solution to your problem ?

- Those who don't take breakfast have to get up earlier or prepare their prepare their breakfast the day before

-Delete fast food and junk food at the exit of the high school and put more healthy foods.

- Give priority to fresh juices , they have less sugar and are more healthy.


Your habits

-We go to bed between 10 and 11 o'clock in the evening.

-We generally get up between 5 and 7 o'clock in the morning in school days. Later at weekends, most of us haven't got an specific hour to get up these days.

-Most of us sleep between 7 and 8 hours during school days and between 9 and 11 at weekends.

How can you improve ?

-We must do our homework or our activities earlier in the afternoon

-Avoid the presence of any type of electronic devices in our bedrooms.

-Have dinner at least 1 or 2 hours before going to sleep.

-Sleep more hours.

What is the solution to your problem ?

-Don't use mobile phones during bed time, and leave them away from our bedrooms.

-Go to bed earlier, so we sleep more hours. This will help our organism to function better.


Your habits

- Many of us are stressed because of the exams, problems, family problems. We feel tired and we are hungry.

-Our symptoms are: headache, sadness, angriness, palpitation and pain

How can you improve ?

- We can relax: better breathing, or practise sports and also better sleep and have a better nutrition

What is the solution to your
problem ?

-We must relax, listen music, read, practise yoga . We should breath and keep calm , and especially have a better sleep. And in order to have less stress during the exam, we should revise better our lessons.


Your habits

- Most of us practice sports around 3 hours per week.

- We play rugby, football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, natation and walk (sometimes run). We practise as well "va'a" , a famous polynesian sport .

How can you improve ?

- It will be better if everybody practise 3 times a week

What is the solution to your problem ?

- We must have willpower, motivation and a good organisation in our time table


Your habits

- Our hobbies are : doing our homework, go shopping , listen muscic, play guitar, surf , va'a, video games, internet and social networks, watch TV and films , fishing, going to the beach.

How can you improve ?

- We must have fun and met other people

What is the solution to your
problem ?

- It seems that we don't have problems so we haven't got a solution for this problem. Just be ourself and be happy.


Your habits

- We generally have good relationships with our family and friends.

Sometimes we are tolerant persons but sometimes we feel angry when some people disagree with us and we can feel sadness when we have a bad day or when we lost a person of our family.

How can you improve ?

- Some people have different strategies to control they attitude like anger and other feelings

- We have to speak with our family or friends and don't stay alone.

What is the solution to your problem ?

- We must improve our communication with others

- If we need help, we must ask for it

- Help people who have a big problem.

- We must create many associations which will be listening people who have many problems


Your habits

-A lot of people are addicted to " Pakalolo " ( Pakalolo is the tahitian word for cannabis) ,cigarettes , video-games, social networks,

Some of us are addicted to food, alcoohol, and suffering of love dependance

How can you improve ?

- The problem is that addictions create a social isolation, leaving school and mental health problems

- We must help this people who are addicted to drugs.

What is the solution to your problem ?

- We must to help this people. Stop them. Convincing him or her that the drugs is not good for the life.

We can convince them that life is better without them.

- We should learn to detect addictions in order to help others.

- We should be opened to others, aware and sensitive to others' feelings.

My health program will be

- Eat 3 well-balanced and healthy meals per day, reduce sugars and sweet food. Have a look at the pyramid food.

- Sleep at least 9 hours per night , it's good for my brain and for learning.

- Practise sports 3 times a week, it's good for my health and it permits to be less stressed. Sports contributes to good relationships with the others.

- Define choices that I can make to enhance my ability to manage stress:yoga, listen and play music, spend time with my friends, practise sports.....

- In order to improve my relationships, I must learn to be more tolerant and have a better communication with others.

- I have to know what is addictions in order to avoid them.

If I do all this, I will have a healthy mind in a healthy body .

I will get up every morning, knowing who I want to be

and I will take the necessary measures to be in perfect harmony with myself.

It's my life, it's my choice




One of our Erasmus+ student’s testimony about NUTRITION

1. What has happened during these past two years which was very important for you and that everyone notices ?
I was overweight and lost 15 kgs.
2. What made you want to lose weight?
I participated to the Erasmus + project "it's my life, it's my choice". And we worked on raising awareness of the problem of obesity and overweight and as well to well balance diet. And as part of our project, we had a nutritionist who accompanied us.
3. What made you overweight? (accountability)
I ate badly, I ate too much, I ate anything and anytime, I ate at the « Roulotte », I ate like the others, I was not aware that I was overweight.
4. What made you take a step to lose weight? (Motivation)
I felt bad in my skin, I sweated a lot, my leg was aching, I was breathless, I did not like myself when I saw myself in a mirror. I was in pain.
5. What were your expectations? (objectives)
I wanted to lose weight, maintain lost weight, change my behaviors, I wanted to understand why I had come to this weight. .
6. How did you manage to lose weight? And to reach your goal?
I stopped the sugars, ie sodas, coca, industrial juices, bread, cakes, eating too much rice and too many pasta. You must know that in a liter of coca, there are 20 pieces of sugar, in a « baguette » of bread, there are 24. In 2 tablespoons of rice, there are 5 pieces of sugar. And when we consume too much sugar, it turns into fat and it makes us fat. So eating sweet = overweight, obesity. And also diabetes. I also stopped eating fat: fries, mayonnaise, fries, industrial dishes prepared because I learned through the Erasmus + project that fats represented a risk to health, heart problem, cancer, acne, and also like sugar, overweight.

I totally changed my eating habits. - I take every morning a balanced breakfast: a fresh fruit, a protein food or 2 eggs, ham, roasted pua or fish. I also take good sugar-free cereals with milk. - then, I eat a balanced lunch and dinner in accordance with the food pyramid, ie fruits and vegetables, protein foods and vegetables: red beans, lentils for example.
7. How do you maintain weight loss?
Every morning I decided to stay like this, I get up by telling myself who I want to be, and I take the means accordingly, that is to maintain my motivation to stay like that. The 3 things is to empower me, motivate me, and have goals. It's my life, it's my choice "
Hivanui Paea
Aorai High School


Your habits
- We usually have 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
- We have a mediterranean diet, this consists in vegetables, oil and fresh food.
- We usually eat at home.
- During outside meals, we usually drink water or different types of juice.
How can you improve ?
In our opinion, we can improve it eating a more variate diet, for example, vegetables, fruits and food with proteins. Doing this we would be healthier and happier.
What is the solution to your
problem ?
One of the solutions is to eat different types of foods, not the same always. We could look the food pyramid and make a planning of what we eat.
Your habits
- Almost all of us go to bed at eleven o´clock and we usually take our mobile phones with us.
- All of us get up at a half past seven to go to high school.
- All of us sleep around eight hours.
- Most of us don´t have a TV in our bedroom.
How can you improve ?
We should sleep more hours, for example, we could surf the internet and look for the perfect number of hours we should sleep depending on our age. We can also have a planning of our things to do so we can organize our sleep hours.
What is the solution to your
problem ?
The solution to our problem is to have restricted hours to have mobile phones or electronical devices. Our parents could take out our mobile phones when we go to sleep. We can also do activities before sleeping, for example, reading relaxes our brain so we can sleep better.

Your habits
- We usually feel stressed during exams period.
- Our symptoms are feeling tired or angry.
How can you improve ?
We could improve it taking care of our exams earlier. For instance, we can make a planning of our exams, with a calendary and when we have to start studying.
What is the solution to your
problem ?
The solution to our problem would be to start things with more time, we could dedicate more time to our studies. Starting to revise for our exams weeks earlier could be a good idea if we want to have good marks and don´t get stressed.
Your habits
-We practise sports, like: dance, zumba, football (the boys), ride horse....
-We practise physical activities like: go to the gym, go to the mountain, walk and run...
-More or less we practise it ones between 2 and 4 times at the week.
How can you improve ?
We could improve it having more free time and wanting to do it. Because we think that sports and practise physical exercices, gives to you good energy and happiness and also it makes you to be better with yourself.
What is the solution to your
problem ?
We can distribute the time better, to have time to study and to practise sports.

Your habits
  • We have many different hobbies, the most common ones are listening to music, practising sports, meeting friends, dancing and reeding.
  • We practise them every day or on our free time.
  • Depending on the activity we do it alone, for example reading or listening to music, other acivities such as dancing are done with our friends and in some cases we practise sports with unknown people.
How can you improve ?
  • We don´t have problems withour spare time, we do what we like and we are okay with it. But is true that sometimes we don´t have enough time to practise them.
What is the solution to your
problem ?
  • We can try to organise our time so we have more time for our hobbies.
Your habits:
  • We have good relationships with our parents, sisters and brothers, friends... because we are sociable and friendly, so our relationships are usually quite good.
  • Our emotions depends on the situation and which people is arround us but we are able to control them. Sometimes we can´t manage them but what´s happend is that we are teenages.
  • We have best friends but we also have a larger group of friends that we meet together every weekend to have a good time doing different activities.

How can you improve ?
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family and don´t stay alone.
  • Controle your behaviour.

What is the solution to your
problem ?
  • Help people who are alone.
  • Avoid problems with other people.
  • Try to have good relationships.

Your habits

We know many kinds of addictions, for example: drug addiction, alcohol addiction, addiction to food, mobiles... and there are different ones depending on the person. We think that most of the people of our age spent at least once a day with the mobile and eat some sweets at the weekends. But some of them spend so much time with the mobile or they eat too much chocolate than normal. So, that's because they have an addiction.

How can you improve ?

We do not have any kinds of addictions. But around us there is some people that is facing this problem.

What is the solution to your problem ?

We would try to stop the people who is facing an addiction ( convicing him or her that they will have a better life without these addictions)

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Your Habits
- We usually have 3 meals a day , breakfast , lunch and dinner
- We have a honey , cheese , olive , tea…for the breakfast
-We usually drink water , milk and juice and ayran.
How can you improve ?
In our opinion , we eat healty. For example fruits and food with proteins.
What is the solution to your problem ?
One of the solutions is to eat different types of foods. Wo must get different flavors.
Your Habits
_- Almost all of us go to bed at eleven o’clock.
-All of us get up at a half past seven to go to high school.
- All of us sleep around eight-nine hours.
- We usually take our mobile phones to bed.
How can you improve ?
We should sleeps more hours. For example; we shouldn’t surf the internet and play computer games until late times.
What is the solution to your problem ?
Our parents could take out our mobile phones when we go to sleep.
Your Habits
_ We usually feel stressed during exams period.
_ Our symptoms are feeling tired or angry.
How can you improve ?
We can prepare a programme for studying. We could improve it taking care of our exams earlier. Our exams are hard most of the time.
Your Habits
_ We usually practise sports. Like; danse, football, volleyball, walking, basketball.
_ We practise physical activities like; we usually walk and run and cycle.
_ we practise it 1 or 2 times at the week.

How can you improve ?
We have fun time , we have a healtylife.
What is the solution to your problem ?
We can better balance the time for fun and study. We will be more balanced and healty ıf we do this.
Your Habits
_We have many different hobbies: listening to music , dancing , play football , play volleyball , play basketball , swimming , drawing , reading book , sing song.
_We practise them every day or on our free time.
_Depending on the activitiy we do it together . for example play football, dancing, swimming, and eating.
How can you improve ?
We don’t have problems with our spare time , we do what we like and we are okay with it . we have good time together.
What is the solution to your problem ?
We can spend a lot of time together and play games. We can have more fun . We must use the time well and always respect our diffirences individually.
Your Habits
_ We have good relationships with our parents, sisters and brothers, friends… because we are friendly and positive
_We can control our feelings
_We have our best friends we spend time with them.
How an you improve ?
_We should check our behavior.
_We should increase our relationship with our family and our friends.
What is the solution to your problem ?
_Do not leave people alone and be with people.
_We mustn’t escape problems.
_try to have good relationships.
Your Habits
We know many kinds of addictions for example; drug addiction , alcohol addiction , and smoking . friends; generally no one uses bad habits.
How can you improve ?
We do not have any addictions.But some of our friends outside the school are addicted to cigarette.
What is the solution to your problem ?
We should try to stop the people who is facing on addiction and we must make them conscious about the bad affects of the drugs.We can advise them to have hobbies such as doing sports and walking orcling.


Workshop Health Campaign
All our pupils in the fourth year of the department of Sports, Service and Security participated in the workshop Health Campaign. The assignment was to examine how you can improve your physical and mental health. The assignment consisted of three consecutive steps:

Step 1:
The teacher presented and explained the assignment as follows: When are you in good health? Easy question but difficult to answer. Are you only healthy when you are not ill?
It is impossible to measure health objectively. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. This means that you are only healthy when you are not ill, when “things in your head” are okay and that there are no problems for instance at school or at home.

So there are three pillars that determine your health:
  1. Physical health;
  2. Mental health;
  3. Social health.

All three are inextricably linked. If you take one of the pillars out of the equation you become ill. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any resistance. You don’t get ill when you lose a night’s sleep or get a bad mark at school. The magic word is BALANCE.

After you become ill you can of course look for a cure. We on the other hand, are going to look at prevention. We are going to investigate how you can prevent becoming ill in the first place. Part of this research is lifestyle. Can you change or improve on your lifestyle in order to avoid becoming ill?

Step 2:
All the pupils get to work and fill in the questionnaire.

In order to explain and reach your goals, you first have to think about your habits.
Fill in the chart.

Your habits
What would you like to improve or change
How are you going to handle this
- How many meals do you eat per day?
- What do you eat?
- Where do you eat?

- At what time do you go to bed?
At what time do you get up?
- How many hours do you sleep every day?

- do you ever suffer from stress or tension?
- What do you suffer from? (physical symptoms)
- In which situation?

Physical activity
- Do you do any sports? If so, which?
- How often per week?

Step 3:
Find a subject in the list about which you would like to do something.
Explain your goal, for instance; My aim is to eat a healthy breakfast at least four times a week. Or I want to be in bed at ten p.m. at least five days a week. Or I want to lose two kilos in two months, etc.
Form a group of three pupils and discuss your aims. After that you make a plan in which you explain how you are going to reach the goals and what you need in order to reach your goals.
Put this into a PowerPoint.
The last phase is that you actually start working on your goals. Keep a digital diary for the next month or so in which you keep track of your progress.

This is how we started and worked with it.

Food and drinks.

Our Habits

Most of us eat 3 times a day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
A big group of Girls eat 2 times a day. Reasons are 1. no time to eat 2. Cant eat in the morning. ( don't get it away)
A group of 7 boys say they eat 6 times a day. They start with breakfast then a sandwich at 10.10 in brake then lunch at 12.10 in brake then at 14.20 also in brake and then Dinner in eve and at last some in the eve after some hours after dinner.
Most of them eat sandwiches at breakfast and lunch and warm food in eve. Also Knackebrod or biscuits.
In morning the most eat sandwiches with sweat. Some eat them with cheese.
A small group that does not eat in morning they eat chips during daytime.
They drink water, milk, coffee or tea in the morning.
A lot eat at canteen during daytime or go to have a snack.

During daytime some drink energy drinks.

How can you improve?
We can try to eat in morning and we can try to have some healthier food. And eat from different spices. And don't drink energy drinks.

Solution is:
.Eat more various food and leave the junk-food and energy drinks.


Most of our students go to bed around 22.00 or 23.00. But some students work till late in eve and then shower and drink some so they sleep at 00.00.
Some has some gaming problems and they sleep later in night. Some said they game till 02.00.
Most of them Rise between 07.00 till 07.45.
In weekend some sleep till midday because they went out on Friday and Saturday eve.

How can we improve:

Work not that late in eve. ( but that gives money so) Go to bed earlier. No gaming after 00.00.

Solution for some is to ask to work during daytime.


Most of our students say they have almost no stress.
Just when they have tests or examines.
Or some stress when they have to talk in front of the class or when they do their sports.

How can we improve.

We can try to calm down but that is difficult. We can have special training at our school. Exam training and stress reduction training at our school.
Learn ways to make yourself calm again.

Solution is:

Learn our homework better and try to make ourselves calm.

Physical exercises.

Our habits.

Our students have a big difference in this.
A large group does not do sports. They come by bus or tram to our school. So exercises is during the sports lessons.
A large group comes walking or by bicycle so they move more and have their sports too 2 or 3 times a week.
Some have 3 times a training and then a match in weekend.
Then we have two boys that train 5 times a week and play at Saturday. They play at professional football club.
Then we also have 7 boys that train in fitness 5 or 6 times a week.

How can we improve?

Some of the ones that don't move at all they say that they should do more during day. Running or fitness.
The ones that train 6 times at fitness said we can do more cardio training.

Move more and stimulate each other to do more training.

Spare times activities

Some have their sports other read a lot and a group is gaming in their free time.
Some our very serious with their schoolwork so they do that most of the time.

How can we improve?

The ones that game or do to long time at their homework said that they had to do more outside.
Like walking with their dogs or just be out with friends.

Difficult to change habits in this. but we can try.


Most of them say that they have a good relationship with their parents.
Some of them has steady friendships.
Some live in broken families and have no contact with the other parent or go by the week
Or just in the weekends.

How can we improve?
Try to go out with friends and talk more about the problems. But some say they cant.

Some say they cant solve because of the family.

Every body said that it will be good to have close friends where you can go out with and talk and do nice things.
They think that this is the solution too.

Drugs and other addictions.

Some has problems with cigarettes or their phone addiction, others with gaming.
Some know some class mates that use drugs.

How can we improve?

Try to stop with smoking and do less gaming.
With the new rule at school that phone's are not allowed in the classrooms we think it will help some.
They say they talk with the persons that use drugs and try to convince them to stop with it.
We had lessons about it but they did not stop.

No wifi at school some say so that phone addiction will be less.

Health-program will be added


  • Food
Your habits: We eat around four times a day. First breakfast before school, but not always, then we eat lunch in school. When we get home we eat an easier meal and then we eat again on the evening after a workout or activity.

How can you improve? We can try to eat more breakfast, because it gives you energy and it's the most important meal off the day.

What is the solution of your problem? Try to get a habit to eat a good breakfast every day.

  • Sleep
Your habits: We go to bed aroun ten to eleven, and we take our phone with us. We put away our phone around half past elven, and maybe fall asleep around twelve. Then we wake up around six to seven. So we sleep around six to eight hours every night.

How can you improve ? Try to go to bed earlier and not be on your phone.

What is the solution of your problem? Not be on your phone so it's not distracting your sleep.

  • Spare time activities
Your habits: We workout, do sports, social media and we hangout with friends and family.

How can you improve? We can try to do less social media and be with more friends and family.

What is the solution of your problem? We can put the phone away more and call your friends to hangout instead.

  • Relationships
Your habits: We have a good realtionship with both friends and family.

How can you improve ? We should be more with family and friends, and not just sit by ourselves with our phones.

What is the solution of your problem? Don't be so much on our phone and be more with family and friends just a normal day. Maybe eat together etc.

  • Execrsice
Your habits: We workout around four times a week. We do cardio, strenght and lift weights. We also do sports like handball, fotball, swimming and gymnastics.

How can you improve? Some people have to try to workout more and not be lazy. Some people have to workout less, and get some rest beacuse the body needs that.

What is the solution of your problem? Find the motivation to do whats works for you or some sport that you like. Because you have to exercie so your body feel well.

  • Stress
Your habits: If we have much to do, like homework and exercise we can be stressed. Because when we come home from school we have to study, then exercise, then sleep... and it just feels like you don't have any sparetime sometimes.

How can you improve ? You maybe have to skip some things in your schedule, and do the things that are important.

What is the solution of your problem? You can priority a special subject, for example school, and then you maybe have to skip your workout to have more time and then you feel less stressed.

  • Drugs and addiction
Your habits: We don't have any drugs or addicton. But people in our school are addicted to smoking and tobacco.

How can you improve ? We can try to show them the consequences of drinking and smoking at a young age, maybe they understand that it dangerous and try to quit.

What is the solution of your problem? Just try to not start with it and don't fall for group pressure.

Meeting in Sweden 31st of January

Students were divided in different mixed groups

Evaluation Tuesday the 31th of January
1. What do you think about the survey? Was it difficult for you?
-a little bit difficult= different opinions, ideas
-pretty easy= almost the same habits
2. What do you learn ?
-we have to change some habits=need breakfast, sleep early, do not waste time on electronic devices
3. What was important for you in order to change and to have a good health and a better life ?
-it was important to us we have to change our habits to grow intellectually and conscientiously and pay attention to others
4. Do you think that your parents can help you to change ?
-follow parents examples = reading books, go sleep early, go to church, see friends, cook and clean the house and yard, do dishes
5. What do you think about addictions? What are the causes? What are the consequences ?
-videos games, electronic devices, love
-influence= copy what you see
-become reserved, waste more time on electronic devices, may commit suicide
6. Do you see the importance to change?
-yes= sleep better, longer, do homeworks, more relationship, time to do more things, to try new things
To have a large contact, to not hurt yourself
= important for our own physical and mental health
7. Are you ready to change your habits ?
yes= there are something better we will try to change= to be more sociable, do other things rather than using the phone all the time
Lucie, Alice, Felicia, Uxue, Alex

Evaluation Tuesday the 31th of Januari
1. What do you think about the survey? Was it difficult for you?
No, it wasn’t that hard to understand and answer.
2. What did you learn ?
We learned that eating breakfast and taking care of our health is important.
3. What was important for you in order to change and to have a good health and a better life ?
Eat breakfast, our will to do it.
4. Do you think that your parents can help you to change ?
Yes! for example cooking healthier food for dinner
5. What do you think about addictions? What are the causes? What are the consequences ?
they are bad,bored and depressed and not a healthy lifestyle
6. Do you see the importance to change?
yes but if they really dont want to change you cant force them to change so its a yes and no at the same time.
7. Are you ready to change your habits ?
yes we are

Here below the line I will add the student´s evaluations from the meeting in Sweden.

During the mobility in Sweden in January 2017 , the Tahitian students led the evaluation.