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Here in The Basque Country we are working on the different school systems. Can you please answer these questions? Thank you very much.

Hi ! It's a pleasure to answer you ! :) ♥

Sorry if we are late, here are the pictures of the polynesian day :

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The Chinese New Year (the food, the temple and activities)


Our school (3 huge buildings and 2 others buildings)


Others photos of our school :


The Administration of our school :


- What is your school timetable? Start? Morning and afternoon? Breaks?
In Tahiti we have class 5 days of the week ( Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday morning , Thusday and Friday ) . We start every mornings at 7:00 am and finish at 3:00 pm approximatively (we can finish at 5:00pm).
Between each class , we have a break of 5 minutes. At 10:00 am and 3:00 pm , we have a long break of 15 minutes. We lunch at 12:00 am :) How much free time do you usually have for lunch?
We usually have 1 hour to have lunch

- What subjects do you study?
We have many subjects like French litterature , English , Spanish , Sport , Sciences (Biology and Phisics), mathematics , History, Economic and sociology sciences (it's a specific subject of our class, and there are also litterature class and scientific class too) and we are allowed to take some options like Chinese, Sport or Tahitian (language) and ERASMUS' class is also an option subject ! :)

- How long are the lessons?
Every lessons from 50 minutes to 2 hours.

- How many students are there per class on average?
We are between 30 and 35 students per class.

- Have you got public transport to go to school?
Yes, some students are coming by buses, there are free for students, if they have their "free pass".
Could you please add a picture of the school bus?
Of course !
external image Bus-Damien-HELENE.jpg

- Have you got digital boards in the classrooms?
No , we work with the fomer boards :D

A normal Classroom and a computer room :

11051158_801303279948972_638293914_n.jpg 11081833_801310379948262_1121361004_n.jpg

- Have you got a café or a school canteen?
Of course, many students eat at canteen, they are around 1000. There is a boarding school, around 700 students are boarders. They eat at canteens at breakfast time, lunch time and diner time. The boarding school is used by students who come from other islands of Polynesia.

The boarding school :


The canteen :


- Is your school private?
No , our High School is public.

- Do you wear uniforms?
No , we are free to dress us but the tahitian style is t-shirt and shorts usually :)

- Have you got any special events at school?
Of course , we have the Polynesian day in November ( that your teachers saw ) , the Téléthon on December , the Chinese new year on February and many manifestations during our school year.

These sound really interesting events. Wouldn't you have any pictures to show us what they look like?

- Have you got a school trip? Where do you usually go?
A lot of students are in the Sport option and they went to Moorea and the next year they will go to Bora-Bora. There are also other option's class wich go to Hawaii or New-Zealand for exemple. We currently stay in the Pacific ocean.

- How many holidays have you got? When?
We have a looooot of holidays , two months on Summer ( July-August) and on " Winter " we have a month ( December ) and a week each 5 weeks . We are very lucky :))))) ! Yes, you are very lucky !!!, and how many school days do you have in a school year?
We have 35 weeks and so , 175 days per year.

- How many students are there in your high school?
In our High School , we are 1280 students !

- How many teachers are there in your high school?
There are 110 teachers in our school .

- How many floors are there in your high school?
In each buildings , there are 2 floors .
Thanks, so, ...It means that there are different buildings. How many buildings are there, then? Could you add some pictures, please?

We have 5 buildings.

- How many computer rooms are there in your high school?
There are almost 10 computer rooms

- Are there computers in your classes?
Not in every classes :(

- Can you go out of the high school in the playground?
Yes, we can every time we doesn't have class. The portal is always open.

- When do the students start going to the high school and when do they leave?
They start going to the High School when they are 15 years old and leave they are 18 years old after the final exam.

- Until what age is obligatory to go to the high school?
It's not obligatory , in France , the scool is obligatoy between 6 years old and 16 !

And, how old are children when they start school (primary children, of course)?
In primary , they are 6 years old when they start. But , we have the preschool and it starts at 3.



- What are your Tourist attraction?
We have many attactions in lagoons.
Tourist attractions are : fishing, hiking, excursions, swiming with squals, and with ray fishes.
We have as well beautiful landscapes, people all around the world come here to see our beautiful islands such as Bora Bora , Moorea.
external image bora-bora-1-1.500.300.s.jpgBORA BORA
external image danse-feu-01.jpgmiss tahiti.jpg.
In our culture, tahitian dances are real attractions with fire dances show and the vahine's smile is also very famous

- What do you like most in your country?
We like in our country : Tahitian dances, tahitian songs, Polynesian outfits, wreaths, and shells. We like as well flowers , we make crowns and necklaces with flowers and we always wear a flower on our ear.


Our Polynesian traditional activities.

Aside Va'a and surfing, various "Ma'ohi" (tahitian people name) disciplines are really enjoyed by many people, especially during the Heiva festivities in July.
They are numerous and are often linked to activities of Polynesian people's daily life-past and present.
The most well known are: javelin throwing, stone lifting, fruit carrier race, the coprah contest, coconut tree climbing.
These disciplines require excellent physical conditions but also a certain controlled strategy. When the period of the "Tuaro Ma'ohi" (Polynesian games) arrives, the excitement reaches its climax.
The inhabitants of Tahiti and her Islands gather to compete in a friendly way and to support their champions.

The compositors must lift a stone weighing between 80 and 140 kilograms, hold it on their shoulder for 3 seconds, and drop it on the ground.

This activity was formerly done to determine the strongest man of the islands.
Mono'i was coated on the stones to make the task even more difficult.

The fruit carrier's

The fruit carrier's race is sport of mental, physical force and endurance.
The loads carried me made up of orange, bananas stems, coconuts and other fruits.
They can weigh up to 50 kilograms, and the competitors carry them by using a piece of wood on their shoulders.

Thoses two activities were praticated every year by students and collegians at school at the occasion of the polynesian day for practice traditional sports and activities.

- What do you unlike most in your country?
We don't like the pollution, we have a lot of cars here, almost, there are 2 cars per family and it's too much for the little island that we are. We also don't like racism; there are tensions between french people and tahitian people sometimes. And maybe we unlike most in our country the discrimination, people who don't like "gay" people don't hesitate to discriminate those "other" people.
voiture.jpg non o racisme.jpg All the same, all equal.
- What are your biggest city?
The biggest cities are Papeete, Taravao.

- What is your capital?
Papeete is the capital of Tahiti.


- Where does the most people live in the country?
The majority of the population live in the capital of the country, or around like Pirae, Faa'a.

- What transportation do you use to school?
We used cars, "truck" (it's a tahitian bus), buses, bikes and sometimes we walk to go at school.
bus.jpg truck.jpg
- Who is in charge in your country?
Edward Fritch is the president of French Polynesia since 2014. He's also the mayor of his city ; Pirae.
edward frich.jpg

By Hivanui ; Régina and Teuratu.




What are the favourite healty food mostly consumed in your country ?

We eat some raw fish, sashimi, carpaccio,Tartar,cocobread, firifiri , po'e banana,ipo(bread cooked in hot water),pu'a roti(pork with honey),chiken fafa

Have you got any special foof prepared for your festivals in your country ?

During the parties, we prepare Ahima'a oven ( Tahitian traditional dish).

What is Ahima’a ?
Ahi means Fire
Ma’a means Food
In French polynesia, a meal or « tama’ara’a » is taken around an excellent tahitien owen. It’s called Ahima’a.The ahima’a is a way of cooking the food.
What is needed ?
-Volcanic storms
-Trunks of banana tree
-Leaves of Purau tree
-And ground
Use of materials:
Volcanic storms serve to warm food and to cook them
The trunks of banana trees serve to decrease the temperature to obtain a good heat for cooking the food.
Banana leaves(feuilles de bananier) are used to wrap food before cooking.Food=meat,vegetables,fish,uru,bananas,bread
Leaves purau used to cover food
Wood(Bois) is used to heat the volcanic stones(Galets de lave)
The ground(terre) is used to close the oven
Ingredients of Ahima'a :
-Pahua curry: clam with curry.
-Taro: vegetables
-Pua'a choux: pork with cabbages
-Poulet fafa: chicken with leaves of Taro
-Fei: yellow banana cooked in some (hot) water
-Pain coco: bread cooked whith the coconut milk
-Po'e : Po'e is a sort of compotes of fruits. Polynesians are very fond of them.
There is an immense variety of bananas on our islands.
For exemple, Fei must be cooked before being eaten. They are ideal to realize po' e. The po' e banana is rather a sweet dessert. Nevertheless, he is eatable as a starchy food, accompanying the dishes of meat and fish.

ahima'a 1.jpg fei.jpgfe'i banana po'e.jpg Ma'a Tahiti.jpg


What is your most famous dish meat ?

We eat pork meat and our pork dish is pua'a roti.

What is your favourite vegetable dish?

The taro and the fe'i (which are polynesien fruit )Philipe_Bacchet_12900.jpg(fe'i) Colocasia_esculenta_dsc07801.jpg (taro)
fe'i are cooked bananas and we eat with raw fish and fafaru
Preparation of fafaru fish
The fafaru gets ready in 2 times.
In a jar filled with sea water, put some shrimps and let soak two days. After this deadline, filter the preparation.
Then stage 2
Cut in dice the fresh fish and let marinate in the preparation 2 or 3 hours, until 8 hours if you prefer it hardly.
Stage 3
Don't be impress not by the smell. Some eat the fafaru with fresh garlic.
Enjoy your meal
The Polynesian are very shared about the fafaru. So try it and judge.


Which fruits do you eat in your country?

fruits which we eat in our country are mangoes,papayas,bananas,pineaples,grapefruits,avocado,passion fruits.

What are the healthy foods in your opinion?

In my opinion , the healthy foods are vegetables, fruits, foods with proteins like fish , meat , and dairies.

What do you understand from the world healthy nutrition?

We don't understand your question , sorry. What do you mean ?

what are the affects of fast food to the balanced and adequate nutrition?

Do you mean " effects " ?


Questions about the celebrations of French Polynesia

1. What can you tell us about Arrivée de l'Evangile?

The 5th of March 1797 is the arrival of the Gospel in Tahiti and 218 years later it is still an important day for Christians in Polynesia. Each March, the 5th is celebrated the arrival of the Gospel, the arrival of missionaries who converted the Polynesians to Christianity. They arrived in Pointe Vénus as you can see it on the map below.

2. How do you celebrate Christmas?

We celebrate Christmas with family , we eat turkey , some tahitian food . We give gifts and open it on December 24th at midnight.

3. What can you say about Quatorze Juillet?

" Quatorze Juillet " is our national day , it's free. It is a very important day for French people, it is one of the most important day of the French Revolution. On 1789, the 14th of July, French people took a castle " La Bastille " in Paris. This castle symbolized the absolute power of the King. It was the victory of the French people against the King. French people won their liberty. So, we are used to celebrate it and in Tahiti, as everywhere in France, there is a famous military parade and in the evening dances and fireworks.

4. What can you say about the day of Autonomie?

Every June 29th, French Polynesia celebrates its autonomy. French Polynesia has a statute of Autonomy since 1984. This date was choosen because it was on June 29th, 1870 that king POMARE V, gave all his territory to France in order to have his protectorate.

5. What can you tell us about Féte de la Victoire?

Every year since 1880, the Republic celebrates the Nation in the middle of July. She builds itself on the memory(souvenir) and the meaning of two revolutionary events: the Bastille of 1789 and the party of the Federation of 1790.

6. How do you celebrate Easter?

The party of Easter is a day of festivities for the Christians, because it commemorates the resurrection of the Christ.
We also celebrate the féte of Passovers by eating chocolates

7. What can you tell us about good Friday?

On Fridays work it, it is a day as of other one days, an ordinary day