We will create groups of students from different countries who will prepare an
"International Family Album"
Using this WIKI students will have to contact their partners and agree on the pages they will add to the album: for example a page about "My favorite celebration" each student will add information and pictures here to share with their partners.
Students will work in learning about the different cultures represented in all our schools.We want to work with our students values such as assertiveness, empathy, solidarity,... For this reason we will try to create groups of students as heterogeneous as possible with students belonging to different social status and backgrounds, immigrants, disabled, from different religions,...
Students will prepare pages as "My hobbies, my favorite pet, day out with the family, my favorite recipe,... and other ones agreed , discussed and decided by the students using the WIKI...

We will select some of the best albums made by students and will produce a booklet that will be a good example of the work done by students and their conclusions about how they see people around them: family, immigrants, disabled,...


1.- Each students will have to produce their own album.

2.- Each student will have to add a number of pages established by their teachers.

3.- Only the “Best albums” will be digitalized and will appear in the wiki and in the blog. The other ones have to be made using traditional techniques such as pencil, crayons, pictures, collages,… They can be decorated… The result has to be a hand booklet.

How to do it:


*.- Don’t select a lot of topics at the beginning. Start with one or two (My hobby, my favorite celebration in my family,…)

*.- Describe that topic expressing… when you started playing the piano ,for example, or your experiences with it. Why you like it. All what you wanted to tell to your friends in the project, and especially to those new friends you have recently met here.

*.- Talk about your feelings with the topic you have selected….

*.- …/…


*.- Now that you have done your own reflection,…it is time to share your experience with a new member of the wiki.

*.- Try to find in the wiki another student who is ready to share their experiences about a similar topic like yours.

*.- Talk about your new friends’ experiences, their feelings, compare your experiences. See the similarities and differences in our cultures, and try to learn something new from the others!!!

There will be 3 main topics here. The same ones and in the project:

1.- Nourishment

2.- Relationships

3.- Health

But, don't forget that within these main topics you will be able to talk about a wider number of related points of interest.

1.- Nourishment

2.- Relationships

3.- Health

.- Favourite rececipe
.- Allergies
.- Healthy food
.- Junk food
.- My favorite celebration in my family.
.- Hobbies
.- Day out with my family.
.- Pets
.-. Sport
.- Smoking
.- Alcohol
.- Drugs
.-. Healthy lifestyle

*.- Name and country

*.- topic you are interested in

*.- Question

*.- Answer from another country



Our best family albums.

The Netherlands:


French Polynesia

Some of our albums

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